WHY You Should Build A Progressive Web App NOW

A solid case for A Progressive Web App

It is not a cage match between web and apps. Even though media loves it that way. When it comes to PWA, we are really early; just check Gartner Hype Cycle on PWA. Also, PWA will never replace apps

What is progressive web apps?

A term coined by Frances Berriman, to describe a set of technology that was previously only available on native apps. Technologies like:-

  • Nearly instantaneous in terms of loading,
  • Available online
  • Ability to do push notification
  • Add home screen

Examples of PWA application: - Flipkart; they even abandoned their mobile app

PWAs are best practices for the web.

  • Hence, browsers providing incentives.
  • Browsers hope they can increase install rates by observing user engagement and fine tuning when they show the banner.
  • SEO benefits

Irrespective of browsers incentives and what you might do on native, PWA simply makes sense. Why? Because:-

  1. Not every customer install your native app,
  • Obvious, maybe.
  • Crack in the app stores. 2 million and counting,
  • Average app install is low,
  • App loyalty is low.
  1. You should provide a secure website or app for your customers,
  • The new feature works only secure sites
  1. You should provide fast experience for your users,
  • PWA is the best for this
  • Service workers give PWA performance boon
  1. Provide offline experience,
  • Service workers enable you to do this
  1. You and your customers might benefit from push notifications
  • Increase engagement
  1. Implementing PWA is very simple.
  • A manifest file
  • A simple JSON file.

Every step on a path to PWA makes sense on its own.

Early return on PWA is promising


  • Konga -- 92% fewer data for initial load
  • eXtra Electronics -- 12% increase in CTR
  • 5miles -- 50% decrease in bounce rate

But ios doesn’t support PWA?

A bit misleading claim, PWA works fine on iOS even though it is not incentivized and doesn’t have all the features. Yet some companies are already reporting gains

  • AliExpress; increase in conversion
  • The Washington Post;
  • Why? -- Performance

PWA is a trojan horse for performance.

PWA might simply make sense but they might not be easy to design and build. When iOS came out a lot of websites looked like iPhone OS UI, Example:- - https://www.wptouch.com/

When it comes to visual design interaction pattern, start by forgetting everything you know about conventional web design, and instead imagine you’re actually designing a native app. Owen Campbell-Moore, Designing Great UIs for Progressive Web Apps

Designing PWA

What makes something an app? How does user behavior change when they encounter an app? How much your design should match your platform?

Make your own design and be consistent

Impact of going chromeless

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