When To Quit (According to Math) and Algorithm

When to quit? When to persevere.

People would advise you to quit as fast as possible to have a successful startup. Some others will insist on perseverance, they would tell you "never give up". But what about math and algorithm? Most of us would like to know if math or algorithm has anything to say on this biased topic. Luck for us, they do have something to say.

There is a best-case scenario to quit.

Yes, according to an algorithm, the in-between sweet spot of decision making is 37%! Look for 37% of your options and make a decision. You have a better chance of making a good decision.

Look-Then-Leap Rule.

Look at the first 37% of your options and leap your faith at the next choice.

Is this 37% a random number?

No, in this video Jade explains this algorithm from a book called Algorithms to Live By - The Computer Science of Human Decisions. Give this video a shot, at least for the first 37% of its total time span.

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