The Impostor Syndrome

The Crippling Thought That Hold Us Behind.

People Like Us Cannot Succeed.

We think we are stupid, crude and dull. So we leave the possibility of success to others. We don't think of ourselves as success worthy and hence we think we are impostors. So it feels easier not to even try.

Why we feel like impostors?

The root cause of impostors syndrome is our wrong assumptions of what other people are like. It is not because of our unique flows, but lack of understanding of other people's flows. These wrong assumptions start in our early childhood. With the powerful and mal-sense of our parents super being nature.

Basically, all this is because we know ourselves from inside and other from outside. We are always aware of all our anxiety and doubts. Whereas, when it comes to others, we just know what they do and tell us. Hence the conclusion that we are isolated and freakish being.

The solution to impostor syndrome

Crucial leap of faith

The leap that others mind must work in basically the same way as ours. Everyone is as anxious, uncertain, wayward as we are.

How do you take this leap of faith?

Look into work of arts of great artists. Observe their paintings, listen to music etc. We will find human beings just like us.

Kings and philosophers shit and so do ladies.

Our inner frailties don't cut us off from doing what big CEOs, entrepreneurs, and programmers are doing. If we were in their roles we won't be imposters but just normal. Making a leap of faith about what other people are like, helps us humanize the world. It enables us to think about others and not just us. When we encounter a stranger, we are not really encountering a stranger but someone like us. Therefore, nothing could stand between us and the possibility of success and fulfillment.

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