Should you have a side hustle?

This speech is on the relationship between side hustle and main hustle. The speaker, Jonathan Lai, works at a startup called Campus. But he also does this interesting accountability app called Tribe of Five. He shares his experience, which I have tried to summarize here. But watch the whole video if you have a plan to venture into your idea without risking unemployment.

Main Hustle vs Side Hustle

Main hustle is what you do in the main working hours of the day/week to get your living cost covered. Side hustle, on the other hand, is something you do on your supposedly free time, like the weekend and at night. Side hustle might not cover your cost of living right now, but it is your baby.

Should You Have a Side Hustle?

Some managers may not like it but the truth is your side hustle increases your main hustle and vice versa. Here are few reasons to go for a side hustle:

1. Becoming Battle Tested

As a product manager, our job is to try and stand out and side hustle is the best way to do so. There is two type of product managers, textbook, and battle-tested PMs. The way to be a battle-tested PM is through side hustle.

2. Get Inpired

As PM, programmer or designer, we are always looking for inspiration to bring to our main team. Side hustles are the way to get these inspirations, since side hustles have less pressure compared to main hustles, they provide us with inspirational creativity and problem-solving opportunity.

3. Meet new people

A side hustle gives you a solid reason to meet other creative people naturally. People who are hustling like you.

How to side hustle?

Work on it alone

Do something very simple daily, for a short time. The challenge is you will probably feel discouraged and fall off your plan. So the other alternative is

Work on it together.

With a common goal and accountability, you can make sure you will go on with your plan when things become tough. The speaker introduces his product Tribe of Five here, which seems nice. But there are other ways to find a community of makers and side hustlers.

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