Reading Other People's Code: 10 Effective Techniques

Reading other people's code is critical. It might not be the most fun part of programming but you can't go far without it. Reading other people's code is where you would have to start when:-

  • You want to contribute for open source,
  • You get hired by a new company,
  • You want to reuse some module etc

How do we effectively read other people's code?

This talk is about a nice method which involves these steps.

  1. Grepping,
  2. Where is the button?
  3. Following input events,
  4. What do the tests do?
  5. Refactoring,
  6. Reading "main",
  7. The graphic layout,
  8. Runtime investigation,
  9. Reading a class,
  10. Retelling or rubber ducking.

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