Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin' Life (Best Intro Into Graph Databases)

WTF is a graph database

  • Euler and Graph Theory
  • Math -- it's hard, let's skip it
  • It's about data -- lots of it
  • But let's zoom in and look at the basics

Relational model vs graph model

  • How do we represent THINGS in DBs
  • Relational vs Graph
  • Nodes and Relationships

Why use a graph over a relational DB or other NoSQL?

  • Very simple compared to RDBMS, and much more flexible
  • The real power is in relationship-focused data (most NoSQL dbs don't treat relationships as first-order)
  • As related-ness and amount of data increases, so does advantage of Graph DBs
  • Much closer to our whiteboard model

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