There is no best way to learn Machine Learning

He, instead shares his experience.

Jabrils shares how he learned machine learning, his story is easily relate-able. He has thought himself machine learning in smart way. In a way anyone can replicate.

To sum up his method:

  • First he was motivated to learn machine learning in 2017 by projects like this and
  • Then he installed TensorFlow but since he has no experience with Python or maths he had no clue. So,
  • He researched more to be even more confused,
  • Then he tried Coursera course on the topic, which didn't help
  • He thought that the problem was language and vocabulary
  • So he changed his studying techniques to conquer those terms so he can speak the language of machine learning
  • He studied terms like vector, activation function, back propagation

This is his recipe, it might work for you so give it a shot. He also share his resources and a sample project.

Note inside a note: This note doesn't do justice to how entertaining the video is.

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